To Award Scholarships to Meritorious National and International Students


Contributions from Indian Nationals

Contributions/Endowments are large donations which are invested and the earning there on used as per donor's wishes. Contributions/Endowments could be instituted in the name of donor if the amount is Rs.10 Lakh or more. They could be for specific purposes as desired by the donor. Such contributions will come under Symbiosis Society Foundation.

The contributions for Symbiosis Society Foundation can be sent in favour of Symbiosis Society Foundation, Pune. 50% of the donations to Symbiosis Society Foundation are deductible from Income liable to tax in India, subject to the provisions of Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (of India).

All donations will have to be accompanied by declaration by the donor that he/she is a citizen of India and the donation is being given from source of income in India. The declaration form can be downloaded from the website.