To Award Scholarships to Meritorious National and International Students

Merit Scholarships

University Scholarships

Merit based PG Scholarships
Jayatee Deshmukh PG Scholarship for a Girl Student
Malhotra Weikfield Foundation Scholarship for MBA-IB
Alumni Scholarship for first rank in MBA-IB
Alumni Scholarship for second rank in MBA-IB
Merit based UG Scholarships
Jayatee Deshmukh UG Scholarship for a Girl Student
Adv. Ram Jethmalani Scholarship for Topper in Law of Evidence
Adv. S. K. Jain Scholarship for Toppers in BBA LLB and BA LLB
S.N. Gupta Scholarship for Topper in Law of Contracts
Nani A. Palkhiwala Memorial Trust Scholarship for Toppers in Taxation Course and Constitution Course
The Shantanu Tomar Scholarship for all round excellence in first four years of BBA/BA LLB
Late Rajeev Agarwala Award for Excellence in Company Law and Taxation Law
International Student Scholarships
Outstanding sports person Scholarships
Outstanding student participating in co- curricular activities
Jayatee Deshmukh Award
Ajay Bhargava Best student award of MBA-IB
Lila Poonawala Scholarships

Lila Poonawala Scholarships

Name : Shobha Sathe
Institute : SCON
Name : Chandani Sayyad
Institute : SCON
Name : Glory Pawar
Institute : SCON
Name : Sabita Soren
Institute : SCON
Name : Priya Mishra
Institute : SCON
Name : Binsu Joy
Institute : SCON
Name : Sherin P
Institute : SCON
Name : Johncy B
Institute : SCON
Name : Surya Surendran
Institute : SCON