To Award Scholarships to Meritorious National and International Students

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships

The students for their proficiency in sports shall be eligible for the sports scholarships, the merit of which shall be evaluated according to their level of participation in different games in different competitions as per rules for the academic year under consideration.


Thescheme aims at recognizing achievements of young sports persons and their outstanding performance at the national, state and inter University levels.

“If you have the talent, the commitment and the belief, we are here to help you achieve.”

The Symbiosis Sports Board is committed to provide a network of support services, expertise and practical solutions to students who have the talent and dedication to combine a high level of academic study with excellence in sport.


i) The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of sports performance in recognized competitions held between the previous two calendar years. Both the prospective as well as bonafide students of Symbiosis International University can apply for sports scholarship.

ii) A scholarship holder shall not receive any other sports scholarship from any other source and should not be inmate of sports hostel of Sports Authority of India/State Govt. In case the scholarship holder is already in receipt of any such award/facility, he/she will have to surrender that in order to avail the benefits of this scholarship. A selected candidate may,however enjoy merit scholarship for academics other than sports scholarship and /or fee concession, if given by the Symbiosis Society or Symbiosis Society Foundation.

iii) The applicant shall apply only in one discipline in which he/she has achieved the highest performance between the previous two calendar years.

iv) If the dates of competitions or timing/distance/height/weight/points, etc. achieved are not mentioned in the certificate, the applicant may obtain the same from the concerned agency and enclose the same to the application failing which the application will NOT be considered.

v) The eligible sportsperson will have to submit his/her performance report immediately after the completion of a tournament with necessary press clipping through the Head of Institution/ Principal or from his/herState/National Association.

vi) The University Sports Board has the right to decide awarding the scholarships as mentioned above depending on the vacancies available in the games.

Duration of Sports Scholarship

i)The scholarship awarded under the scheme will be for one year and will be renewable every year provided the awardee is improving/maintaining the proficiency in game concerned, passing last annual examination or does not have any backlog in the subject and fulfilling other eligibility conditions. However, one failure in studies can be condoned in the entire duration of programme for scholarship.

ii) The awardee should submit a new application on prescribed form for the renewal of scholarship every year failing which it will be stopped even if one is eligible.

iii) The Head of the Institute will certify the correctness of contents of application filled in by the candidate. The form should then be forwarded through proper channel to The Deputy Director of Sports Board, SIU, Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale Campus, Pune.


i) A duly constituted Selection Committee will scrutinize the applications and select candidates on the basis of performance and merit.

ii) The decision of the Committee will be final and abiding and no correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

Result of Application

The outcome of application will be notified via email/ Letter.

Discipline covered The sports disciplines covered under the scheme for scholarships are:

i) Priority Disciplines: Cricket ,Archery , Athletics , Badminton , Basketball, Football , Gymnastics , Hockey , Tennis , Shooting , Swimming , Table- Tennis , Volleyball , Wrestling , Squash

ii) Other Disciplines: Billiards & Snookers, Chess, Boxing, Equestrian, Golf, Kayaking & Canoeing, Power lifting, Weight Lifting & Best Physique, Softball, Judo

Award of Scholarship
The scholarships will be awarded by Symbiosis Society Foundation.


i) The value of this scholarship will be Rs.24, 000/- per annum (12 months) i.e. Rs.2000/- per month.

ii) Number of Sports Scholarships- 05

iii) The applicant should be a regular bonafide student of constituent institute of Symbiosis International University.

iv) The applicant should be eligible for selection in the combined university team and his/her performance should meet the minimum qualifying standard laid down for measurable events.

v) The scholarships will be decided on the basis of performance/participation in major recognized International sports events like Olympic Games, World Cup championships, Commonwealth Games/Championships, Asian Games/Championships as a member of the National team/ State team /District teams, etc.


NOTE: Any student placed on conduct probation/expelled from the hostel/college/ university/rusticated and punished for any reason, what so ever, will not be eligible for scholarship.


The Sports persons will be required to send their resume along with passport size photograph as per the format given in the website and also the family details. The sports persons will also be required to attach with the application form the photo copies of the press cuttings and the certificates, duly authenticated by their respective State Association or the Principal of their school / college.


The students have to submit application form between 1st June to 31st July of every academic year. No application will be entertained after the due date.

After the deadline, ad-hoc requests will be considered, depending on the nature of the activity and the availability of the remaining funds. Please forward your application for Scholarship in the format available on at least 2 months in advance, to