To Award Scholarships to Meritorious National and International Students

Symbiosis Initiatives

Special Initiatives of Symbiosis Society

Welfare of International Students

Symbiosis established an International Cultural Centre in Pune and provided a home away from home for foreign students. Many alumni of Symbiosis are presently occupying prestigious positions in their home countries and they have become cultural ambassadors of India.

Establishment of Dr. Babasaheb Amedkar Museum

Symbiosis established a memorial to Dr Ambedkar and now the B. R. Ambedkar Memorial is a hallowed monument dedicated to one of India's most illustrious sons. It is also a centre of cultural activities open to all the citizens of the city of Pune and outside.

Service to the Armed Forces

One of the greatest contributions of Symbiosis is establishment of Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune, an exclusive educational centre to offer rehabilitation training to the retiring armed forces personnel. It also has a Post Graduate Management Programme exclusively for the wards of Armed Forces Personnel.

Welfare of Wards of Police Personnel

To provide quality education to the children of Police Personnel, Symbiosis developed a partnership with the police administration in the state of Maharashtra and established a school for the wards of police force.

Accessible Quality Education for People in the Remote Rural Areas

Symbiosis is providing quality education in a rural school in the village Harali in the District of Kolhapur.

Sports Facilities and Training

Symbiosis established Spa to promote sports and to provide systematic training in sports in addition to cricket. It has also instituted an award, honoring the lifelong achievements of sports personalities.

Health Care and Insurance of Students and Staff

Symbiosis Centre for Health Care provides quality medical facilities to students and staff at a very low cost. All students and staff are covered under Health Insurance.

Service Learning Centre

Symbiosis International University has established Service Learning Centre for involving students in social and community activities. The Centre will connect campus and community resources to create diverse learning experience for students to serve the needs of the community.