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The Common Man

Mr. R. K. Laxman, a legendary cartoonist of India has been sketching cartoons in the Times of India, a leading daily newspaper, for the last 50 years. In each cartoon there appears Laxman's 'Common Man' as a silent and voiceless witness to political happenings in the country.

Laxman's 'Common Man' has earned name and fame in India and abroad. Mr. R. K. Laxman is associated as Professor Emeritus with the Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication. He has been a frequent visitor to Symbiosis since 1985. Mr. R. K. Laxman and his wife Kamla have kindly given permission to Symbiosis to install the statue of 'Common Man' in front of Symbiosis Vishwabhavan building. The statue is 8 feet in height and cast in bronze.

The statue of Laxman's 'Common Man' was unveiled by His Excellency Shri. K. R. Narayanan, the then President of India on 19th December 2001 .