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Social Activities

Service Learning

Learning to Serve and Serving to Learn

Service Learning is a method of teaching, learning and reflecting that combines academic classroom curriculum with meaningful service to community. It enriches the learning experience, teaches civic responsibility, encourages lifelong civic engagement and strengthens community for the common good.

Focus of Service Learning

Experiential learning for students through interaction with diverse and underprivileged people
Integration of experiences from community with class room learning and one's own life
Reflection upon community service and participation


Linking students with appropriate service opportunities and providing orientation session regarding program expectations, logistics, safety and other relevant information
Assisting faculty in integrating service- learning, community and civic engagement into courses
Working with community partners to establish and enhance requested service opportunity

How do students participate in Service Learning?

Service learning is a compulsory component for UG programmes. Every student will be participating in service learning for 4 academic credits. A student will have to put in 60 hours for community service.
Students of PG programmes can voluntarily participate in service learning and work on the projects which are available with the centre.

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